Agricultural products are an important component of the economy, accounting for some 30% of domestic exports. Cyprus’ agriculture sector has been gaining momentum by offering the international market an ever-expanding range of quintessentially Mediterranean products. Today, there are more than 30 fresh-produce exporters in Cyprus, the majority of which are also agricultural producers – providing a production continuity which helps maintain high standards and effective quality control at every stage of the process. Since EU accession in 2004, both primary and secondary exports have had to comply with stringent European phytosanitary standards and quality thresholds.

Fresh produce: includes citrus fruit, grapes, melons, vegetables and aromatic herbs, while a number of agrifood products are making headway in international markets, including fruit and vegetable juices, and meat and fish products. Aquaculture products are the third most important produce in Cyprus, in terms of export value. Specifically, these products are sea bass and sea bream and approximately 65% of the total national production is exported, primarily to markets in the East Med, Middle East and the USA. The aquaculture sector represents about 75-80% both in terms of volume and value of the total national fisheries production, and the total national aquaculture value for 2015.