56th Fancy Food & Confection Show by Cypriot Exhibitors Print

Cyprus participates in the 56th International Fancy Food Show in New York City, displaying their Unique Cheeses, Food Products and Wines

International Fancy Food Show
Jacob Javits Convention Center New York
June 27-29, 2010

Booth # 4662-4678,4663-4679 and 4763-4779

A selection of Cyprus Food Products and Wines will be presented and showcased this year at the 56th Fancy Food & Confection Show by Cypriot Exhibitors.

Participation at the show organized by the Cyprus Embassy Trade Center on behalf of the Cyprus Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism with a strong presence of 19 Cyprus Exhibitors at the largest North America’s premier showcase for specialty-gourmet, ethnic, natural and organic foods and beverages event. 180,000 products will be showcased and launched this year at the Fancy Food Show 2010, including confections, cheeses, coffees, snacks, spices, ethnic, natural, organic and more with 2,500 exhibitors, 81 countries represented and 24,000 attendees, the most effective way to meet buyers from every major food/beverage buying channel in the U.S. and around the world.  Buying teams serving every major channel attend the Fancy food Show including Supermarkets, Mass Merchants, Foodservice, Natural and Organic, Gift and Specialty Retail.

The Cyprus Pavilion will provide a unique opportunity to sample tasting the finest traditionally prepared Cypriot specialty food products and boutiques wines produced from indigenous grape varietals. Following an innovative marketing campaign the Cypriot food and wine products are being embraced by a much larger American consumer base – a success that will hopefully be repeated by the new Cyprus products now available in the U.S. market. In the attached list of Cyprus Exhibitors participating at the show this year you will have the chance to view the new products being introduced in the U.S. market.

Cyprus is the jewel of the Eastern Mediterranean and has a long tradition of fine food culture and traditional regional delicacies. Quality and freshness are at the core of Cypriot home cooking, so it’s no surprise these elements are key to all products Cyprus exports.

Cyprus’ Mediterranean climate, soil composition and unique grasses provide some of the world’s best grazing pastureland for sheep and goats. For centuries shepherds in Cyprus turned their milk into some of Europe’s most delicious cheeses. Halloumi® is unique to Cyprus and has trademark protection in the U.S. (much like Roquefort.)

Halloumi® and Cyprus’ other fine cheeses are still made following traditional methods. They can be found in the gourmet cheese bins of retail Specialty Food Stores, like Gristede’s, Whole Foods, Fairways, Dean & DeLuca, Zingerman’s, Zabar’s, Zeytuna, Karabelas, Amish Market East, Ideal Cheese, Grace’s Marketplace, Gourmet Garage, Epicure World Foods, Zeytuna, Westside Market, Mediterranean Foods, Titan Foods, Euromarket, Garden of Eden, Trade Fair and other fine stores. It has been discovered by chefs who include it in their menus nationwide.

“Seductively rich” New York Magazine called it.  So versatile you can grate it, grill it, sauté it or dice it in a salad, and -cooks take note- intensified by grilling, it doesn’t melt when heated.

Sautéed until a “lovely golden brown, Halloumi® has customers popping pieces into their mouths as fast as they come out of the pan”. The best part is that its rich flavor needs no enhancement. Goes great sliced on sandwiches or salads or grated over pasta.  Also perfect for snacking with cold beer or a glass of wine”.

That’s just the beginning.  We also make Anari - a soft and light, creamy cheese, Kefalograviera - a hard pressed fully matured cheese with holes and a clean strong taste, Kashkaval and Kefalotyri fully matured cheeses with excellent body and taste, and a Feta that rivals all the others.

Also this year we will be exhibiting Cyprus Wines, truly new and exciting alternatives to widely known varietals, indigenous grapes from Cyprus produce superior quality wines with a true expression of the terroir and character of their origin. Commandaria, the oldest wine with appellation of origin in the world still in production, made in Cyprus by the same method since at least 1,000 B.C.

In addition you will find other specialty gourmet food products, such as Honey Spread derived from the combined mixing of rare varietals of natural bee honey and organic herb extracts. Mediterranean organic Sea Salt Flakes in various flavours in disposable grinders. Sprinkle a dash on any of your favorite recipes for a savory true taste of the Mediterranean. Unique Herbal teas, authentic Pasta, Tomato Sauces, Strained yogurt, Gourmet Frozen Ready Meals & Frozen Ravioli, Traditional Regional Cyprus Biscuits, Traditional Smoked Meat Products, And Shelf Stable Hand cooked Natural Potato Chips, and other fine specialty food products. Available for interviews will be principals of Cyprus’ leading food producers. Explore the foods of Cyprus and discover a world where the past and present explode in a burst of fresh flavors.

Cyprus Wine Tasting Event, Honored Guest Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg